For Adults:

Mindfulness for Stress Management Workshop:

Finding yourself at the bottom of your own to-do list?  Take time to relax and learn tools, tips, and techniques to balance stress, increase self-care, and improve daily functioning through mindfulness practice.  This 2 hour workshop will teach participants to identify the core principles of mindfulness, increase insight regarding stressors, and implement stress-reducing practice before you reach your peak stress level.

The workshop includes:

  • Guided meditation
  • Present-moment focus
  • Awareness practice
  • Patience
  • Gratitude
  • Breathing exercises
  • Support

Ladies Mindfulness for Infertility Workshop:

Wishing you could escape the outside world to avoid the constant reminders of fertility? Feeling obsessed, overwhelmed, and anxious about your forever flowing thoughts of ovulation, pregnancy tests, and medical appointments?  Unwind with a group of like-minded ladies to connect, relate, and learn tools and tips to stay grounded and present, despite the future-focused desire to obtain motherhood.  During this 2 hour workshop participants will identify the core principles mindfulness, increase awareness of infertility triggers, and learn mindfulness-based practices to manage the stress, anxiety, and sadness associated with infertility and fertility treatment.

For Children:

Emotional Regulation Girls’ or Boys’ Workshop:

This eight-week workshop is designed to increase awareness and management of emotions by connecting thoughts,behaviors, and feelings in a fun and relatable way!  We will explore our individual feelings, as well as the feelings of others by learning aspects of mindfulness and effective communication. Participants will learn to identify, explore, manage, and accept the “uncomfortable” feelings that often trigger emotional and behavioral challenges.  Workshops are grouped by age range to encourage connection, support, and equivalent levels of emotional maturity. 

If interested, please contact Toni for additional information, including upcoming dates and cost.