Individual and Couples Counseling


The confidential and supportive environment of Seasons of Life Therapy Services, PLLC will allow you to explore areas of life where you may be experiencing challenges, and together with your therapist, you will work to create goals that are specific and attainable.

Your therapist will work with you to decide what model of therapy (i.e. individual or couples) will be the best fit for your concerns and goals.  In individual therapy, you will work in a one-on-one setting with your therapist. Couple therapy involves partners in a committed relationship attending therapy together to explore your relationship and/or present challenges in a deep and meaningful way.  

We provide individual and couple therapy for the below specialties:  

  • Infertility, including female factor, male factor, & unexplained diagnoses
  • pregnancy loss
  • medically-indicated termination
  • pregnancy complications
  • perinatal and postpartum anxiety & depression
  • family-building decisions
  • LBGTQ family building
  • embryo disposition decision-making
  • transition to parenthood
  • general anxiety disorders
  • grief & loss
  • relationship & family conflict
  • life transitions, such as new or ending relationships, career changes, & those seeking general self-growth